Automatic alert in case of Car accidents


Car accidents often are life threatening and it takes the ambulance an average of 12 minutes to actually arrive at the accident once a call has been made. One should think this is easily done with all the car technology for data processing inside the car’s cockpit and around the passengers.


Even though these data sensors are readily available in the high tech environment of a modern automobile, little are they used to surveille vital parameters of passengers. This might be beneficial in predicting hazardous situations such as microsleep or it might be used in the case of an accident.

Actual Challenge

The challenge is to develop new integrated sensors that deliver data to a processor which is to decide to send an alarm in combination with GPS-data and – if possible – life signals to shorten the time to identify an accident, its exact position and any additional helpful information on the kind of accident. The goal is to shorten reaction time before emergency units can take health-saving measures.


to be announced