Staff Education on new Devices


Every now and then when a new staff member starts work in the hospital she has to get used to a set of devices that will be part of her daily routine and thus need to be part also of her professional training.
As content of the legal framework for hospital staff, each and every person that operates such devices needs to get a briefing in advance. These briefings need to be signed off by the instructor.


Liability for misuse is the main legal issue why briefings need brush-ups on a regular basis and thoroughly documented. Especially with new nurses joining a preexisting team or honorary temps taking on vacant positions for a short period of time, it becomes essential that the learning curve of these individuals needs immediate support and a kick start.

Actual Challenge

The Challenge is to set up a system where dry runs can be performed in a virtual way, just like in a flight simulator. The platform must be compatible to the manufacturers’ standards, so their materials can be brought in. Gamification could play a major role in that on how to teach newcomers the different clinical situations and the correct reaction to it.


to be announced