The Electronic Surgery Retractor


Performing operations in the medial field used to be manual labor-intensive work. For a standard abdominal operation, it takes at least three people to perform the actual medical intervention: Surgeon attending, senior resident and intern. The job of the intern, being a fully licensed physician after all, is to hold retractors to keep the operation field open. This is thought to be part of surgical training but rather unpopular amongst young physicians.


The times of abundant medical personal have long gone with physician decline due to unattractive working atmospheres. With increasing wage costs and a lack of skilled personal, hospitals look at new future scenarios. The question is how to be able to effectively keep performance numbers and quality of operations up.

Actual challenge

The robolink® from igus is a modular robot-system for various use cases. Because of its easy demountable design and its stability against different fluids, robolink® is a highly suitable system to be used in medical environments. To enable a safe human machine interaction, the robolink® comes along with a lightweight design and smart control unit from the cologne laboratory for manufacturing systems.
The goal of this challenge is to use robolink® as adaptive assistant system for the improvement of medical applications or daily life usage in the operation theater or other settings.


to be announced