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Bringing together medical innovations and capital, creative minds and investors: this is a matter that is close to his heart. His message goes out to both sides within the healthcare hemisphere. In order to break new ground, it is necessary to give a stage to bold ideas and revolutionary concepts. Large enterprises and powerful corporations no longer seem prepared, able, or willing to do so. This is why investors can be won over for new and alternative investment opportunities. This is why he founded aescuvest, the first equity-based crowdfunding platform targeting the medical sector in the German speaking area.

He studied bioinformatics, business and holds a PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry. Fascinated by the interface between natural sciences and technology, the combination of the two was just perfect for him. He was granted a look behind the scenes as a multichannel marketing consultant for the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. Much of what he saw impressed him (for instance, research capacities and sales power), but not everything (for instance, support for innovation).
As group account director at razorfish, he conducted digital health platforms and Rx campaigns for various pharmaceutical companies on a global level. He gathered deep quantified-self understanding and learned everything about the edge of technologies – within and outside our regulated industry.

On a recent mission, he has been active in the medical publishing sector – content marketing at the intersections between the USA and Europe. As General Manager for Medscape he was responsible for German-speaking Europe and France in the world of medical news and medical education for Health Care Practitioners and enriched by the insight, just how important it is to pay attention to contents and substantial messages – but even more how big the difference between translation and localization is.

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